A lot of dogs are overweight, and this is particularly true of small dogs. Excess weight is usually the result of a dog not getting enough exercise whilst also eating too many calories. Being overweight can endanger your dog’s health and significantly shorten its life expectancy, as well as affecting its overall wellbeing in the short term. Royal Canin Satiety Small Dog is a complete dry kibble that has been especially adapted to the needs of overweight or obese small dogs (up to 10kg). It can also be used to help treat diabetes mellitus and to help your dog to maintain an ideal weight. The recipe contains a special fibre combination to promote a feeling of fullness, whilst its higher protein content helps your dog to maintain muscle mass whilst losing weight. The food has been fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that your dog has the best nutrition during the weight loss phase and has added ingredients to promote good oral health.

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