Purina Pro Plan Puppy
Large Breed

Chicken has been specially developed by nutritionists and veterinarians to meet the needs of large-breed puppies with an athletic physique. These dogs have especially high energy demands due to their very active metabolism, also requiring energy for their growth and development. This dry dog food contains the OptiStart formula, which is an effective combination of vital nutrients designed to promote healthy growth in the first one to two years of your dog's life. Purina Pro Plan Puppy Large Breed Athletic OptiStart also includes pieces of high-quality chicken, as well as colostrum, which is a first milk rich in natural antibodies. This can help your puppy to build up a strong immune system, supporting his long-term health and wellbeing.

Pro Plan Puppy
Dry Food

Dry food for large puppies with a robust build that are expected to weigh 25-70kg when fully grown Specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of growing heavy-breed dogs, such as Dobermann, Boxer and Dalmatian Developed by vets and nutritionists: innovative recipe based on the latest scientific research OptiStart nutrient formula: promotes healthy growth With colostrum: first milk rich in natural antibodies, which can support the development of a strong immune system and contribute to long-term health Healthy joints: select ingredients can help to preserve healthy joint function, particularly important for large-breed dogs that experience heavy strain on their joints Dental health: recipe can provide comprehensive dental care High-quality pieces of chicken: delicious source of protein Well-accepted: delicious kibble well-suited to the jaw size of large dogs

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