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Fish Sticks Catnip Toy100% CatnipSoft plush to rub nuzzle and groomPerfect size to hug kick and wrestleFeathers to engage natural hunting behavior


Prevue Jellyfish Bird Toy100% natural hydrated sterilized coconut fiber with other safe non-toxic materials and FD&C colorsGreat for beak and tongue exerciseSatisfies plucking preening nesting instincts


Stress CoatInstantly removes chlorine and chloramines making tap water safe for fish.Neutralizes heavy metals and replaces the natural slime coating fish need in times of stress.Helps heal torn fins and skin wounds.


Stress Coat With PumpNot a medication.Not intended as a substitute for any medication.For use with ornamental fish only.Removes chlorine and detoxifies heavy metals.


Betsy Farms Bistro Surf 'n Turf RecipeAll naturalNo wheat corn or soyNo antibiotics and non-gmoNo artificial colors flavors or preservatives


Ammonia Test Kit For Fresh And Salt WaterTests ammonia levels from 0 to 8 parts per million.Ammonia is the number one killer of tropical fish and is continuously produced by the aquarium from fish wastes...


Tap Water ConditionerHeavy metals such as copper zinc and lead are present in tap water.These are toxic to tropical fish.For use white never setting up an aquarium changing water or adding water to an aquarium.


Leaf ZonePromotes healthy growth of aquatic plants.Encourages lush green growth.Special chelated formula for quick absorption through plant leaves.One ounce treats 60 u. s. gallons of aquarium water.


Nitrate Test Kit For Fresh And SaltwaterTests nitrate levels from 0 to 160 parts per million.High levels of nitrate are a food source for unwanted algae and indicate poor water quality.Keep out of reach of...


Saltwater Master Test KitA complete kit for testing marine aquarium water.Tests water four ways to protect marine fish and invertebrates from dangerous water conditions.Tests high range ph ammonia nitrite nitrate


Ph UpProduct raises ph level until it reaches the recommended level for the species of fish.A ph level of 7.0 neutral is recommended for community aquariums of more than one species.


Ph DownLowers ph of aquarium water.Harmful if swallowed.Causes burns.Corrosive.Irritating to eyes and skin.


Mag-float 125 Glass CleanerRecommended to be used on aquariums up to 125 gallons with a surface thickness of up to 3/8Magnet dimensions: 3 7/8Can also be used on glass/plastic aquariums


Mag-float 30 Glass CleanerRecommended to be used on aquariums up to 30 gallons with a surface thickness of up to 3/16Magnet dimensions: 2 3/8Can also be used on glass/plastic aquariums


Mag-float 25a Glass CleanerRecommended to be used on aquariums up to 10 gallons with a surface thickness of up to 3/16Magnet dimensions: 1 3/4Can also be used on glass/plastic aquariums


Scraper Blades For Glass AquariumsAttached to the small and medium Mag-Float glass cleanersRemoves tough algaeReaches below the gravel lineStainless steel blade blades sold separately


Nano Glass Aquarium Cleaner Curved EdgesSpecial design will reach cornersStrong neodymium magnet


Go Fish! Fishing Rod With Catnip FishInteractive catnip fun with your favorite furry friend!Casts just like a real fishing rodFish is 100% filled with premium catnip!


Feeding Clip AquaticClips on to the large and xlarge Maf-float sixesWorks on both glass and acrylic models


Perky-pet Aqua Seed Duo Bird Feeder4 feeding stationsRust resistant1.29 seed capacityholds multiple seed types


Stress ZymeHelps clean a dirty aquarium.Contains 100 million live bacteria per teaspoonful.Helps maintain a naturally balanced healthy aquarium.For use when setting up a new aquarium.


Exotic Environments Driftwood Tree NaturalRustic branches wind & twist creating numerous hideouts and maze-like getawaysPerfect for cichlids reptiles or any aquarium/terrarium environmentSafe & non-toxic.


Sea Sculptures Natural Malaysian DriftwoodIdeal decoration for all aquarium and terrarium environments.Sinks with no weights needed and safe for aquarium and terrarium uses.Rinse in fresh water before use.12 to 20 inches.


Fish & Taco Fast Food Catnip Cat ToyOrganic catnip2 in 1 toy!


Fish Tank Hank Grab Nabbers Tug Dog ToyBig bold squeakerGrab Nab and Tug


Pondmaster Aquabelle Fountain HeadLarge adjustable bell/mushroom patternIncludes two 7 inch extensions and pump adapter


Driftwood Centerpiece With PlantsHand paintedLife like replicasSafe in saltwater and freshwaterIdeal for aquariums and terrariums


Exotic Environments Broken PipesPainted with great detail to look just like shiny galvanizedsteel giving an old industrial look to any aquarium or terrariumSafe and non-toxic for fresh or saltwater


Exotic Environments Haunted SkullTiny skulls are carved into the outside of this larger creepy haunted skullSafe for all terrariums & aquariums freshwater & saltwater


Exotic Environments Neptune StatueThis stone statue ruins will create an underwater landscape right out of ancient romeA great addition for your planted aquarium or terrarium & safe for freshwater or saltwater


Starfish For Small AnimalsWill add a splash of color to any small pet home.Made with brushed cotton on the outside and has soft fleece on the inside bottom for extra comfort during sleepy time.Multiple ferrets...


Exotic Environments Tall Pebble ArchwayCreating a natural seascape has never been easier with our line of large pebble archways.Mix & match with our silk-like plants and you can create a gorgeous replica of a freshwater...

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