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Daily Preventative PowderInstantly eliminate rain rot fungus and odorPrevent chafing fungus and bacteriaDries sweatCleans dirtNon-toxic Talc Free


Nfz PufferIndicated for eye and ear infections surface wounds cuts and abrasions in dogs and cats.Remove cap and squeeze container to fore a stream of powder directly into the eye.Repeat treatment daily/.


Wonder Dust Wound PowderDressing powder and blood coagulant for use on wounds cuts abrasions and capillary bleedingUse with or without a bandageSpecially formulated for use on horses and show stockAlso use as a blood stop...


Dust-on All In One Wound DressingAll natural for all animals use to stop bleeding fast and doesnt damage live tissueDraws and absorbs discharge non-caustic for proud fleshCreates firm breathable scab and allows body to heal...

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