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Equi-block Leg Tightener & LinementUse as a daily leg brace and pain reliever for minor aches and painTreat lameness caused by injury overexertion or arthritis related issues especially where swelling is involvedPenetrates deep sooth joints...


Equi-block Topical Pain RelieverHighly effective specifically formulated gel to manage pain from serious injurySafe effective and easy to applyTemporary relief of minor aches and pains in joints tendons muscles ligaments or due to overexertion injury...


Bloc-it Counterirritant Herbal GelSuper effective herbal infused pain-relieving gelDeveloped for the temporary relief of muscle and joint sorenessDrug free preparationMade in the usa


Absorbine Cooldown Herbal After Workout RinseGently Cools and RefreshesSoothing Aromatherapy

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